Free Minds

Belief in intellectual freedom where it does not exist contributes to complacency in virtual enslavement. 

John Dewey 

#twisdom #liberty 


Record of Authority

The world has suffered more from leaders and authorities than from the masses.
John Dewey

#twisdom #democracy

Hearing Community

Vision is a spectator; hearing is a participator.
John Dewey

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Political Progress

The belief in political fixity, the sanctity of a form hallowed by tradition, is an invitation to revolt and revolution. 

John Dewey

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We Babies

Man, a child in understanding of himself, has placed in his hands physical tools of incalculable power. 

John Dewey

#twisdom #selfknowledge

Fighting Back

Sometimes the sense of external oppression acts as a challenge and arouses intellectual energy and excites courage.

John Dewey

#twisdom #resistance 

The Liberal Fallacy

No man and no mind was ever emancipated merely by being left alone.
John Dewey

#twisdom #empowerment

Idea Inertia

Habits of opinion are the toughest of all. 

John Dewey

#twisdom #freedom

Founding Anew

Every generation must fight for its own freedom, which with each generation will come in a new form.
John Dewey

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